Salem Oregons Word of Mouth Bistro
Salem Oregons Word of Mouth Bistro

Cooking with love

For Over a decade

a salem tradition

our story

The history of WOM began in 2008 by Steve and Becky Mucha. The passion they had for good food and atmosphere inspired them to transform the charming heritage house into the restaurant that it is today. They always prioritized quality of the food along with a welcoming spirit, which made it feel like home.

After working at WOM since 2015 it was that same passion that motivated Mychal Arredondo to take over ownership in 2022.

It had become a home to Mychal after working there during those years, and it’s also where he met his fiancé Nicole, who has worked there since 2013. “Having so many great memories of working with friends who became family, and serving so many customers over the years that were able to experience the magic that happens there, I didn’t want to see it fade away.” They were lucky enough to keep some of their work family, so very little changed. “We couldn’t do it without our whole staff putting their hearts into making it a special experience.”

Mychal now often-times can be found cooking in the back alongside Omar, Luisa, and Enrique, while Nicole is out front with Maura, Kelly, Sam, and Taylor. “All we can do is strive to carry on what Steve and Becky built, and continuing to create and provide a space that has a touch of magic.”

Mychal, nicole and team
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It would be so easy to fall into the trap of purchasing cheap and easy foods. Word of mouth was built on care and concern not just for the taste but also for the quality of ingredients. From scratch, that's what we do and that's what makes us who we are.

Gluten Free and Options

Moving forward WOM will be offering more gluten free options on our menu.

Mychal Arredondo and Nicole Murphy owners of Word of Mouth Bistro Salem Oregons best comfort food!

" the best memories are made around the table "